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Volunteer: Become a Part of the StrAy Team!

Volunteer Form | Volunteer Agreement (Word doc)
SFTH is in the process of streamlining its volunteer operations and is striving to form committees of volunteers to focus on improving certain areas of the organization. Keep in mind, volunteers are not restricted to any one committee and can dedicate as little, or as much time, as they want to a variety of areas (for instance, just focusing on event planning in the Fall or helping with the newsletter twice a year).

All we ask is that any time you dedicate is consistent and if you can no longer be involved with SFTH to let the volunteer coordinator know as soon as possible. Thank you! and Welcome to the StrAy Team!

Committee Openings

Technology Committee:

What will you do? With the internet continuing to play an important part in the life of all non-profit organizations, this committee needs people on board to help improve the SFTH Website. If you have extensive web design and or development experience and love animals, consider volunteering for this position. Developers should know coldfusion or php, MySQL, and other standard web development tools. Designers should understand basic web GUI principles and web branding/marketing.

Time required: We ask that Web Developer and Designers consider donating between 2-5 hours per week to SFTH, however, we are grateful for any help that can be provided!

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Fundraising Committee

What will you do? Help strategize way for SFTH to raise funds and build its donor base. Specific activities include event planning, grant writing, research and securing corporate sponsorships and partnerships, and tracking donations.

Time required: Depending on how much time you would like to commit, being part of the fundraising committee can take anywhere from 1 hour (for things like research and mailing out grant requests), to 15-20 hours for planning an event. While no minimum is required, consistency is key when being a part of this committee.

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Adoption Counselor Committee

What will you do? In order to ensure that our Strays find loving, PERMANENT homes it is very important we find the right family for the right dog. A great adoption counselor, therefore, functions as a “matchmaker” helping to find the perfect fit between dog and person by reading applications, visiting potential adoption homes and following-up with families once the adoption is complete.

Time required: One of the most important volunteer positions, the Adoption Counselor post requires at least 5-10 hours of commitment per week, with most time being spent reading adoption application and interviewing applicants.

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Marketing/Public Relations Committee

What will you do? SFTH is no good as an organization if people do not know about its mission, goals, and accomplishments. Those who volunteer in a Marketing and PR capacity are given the opportunity to help spread SFTH's message of hope throughout NYC and the United States. Specific duties include building a database of websites, organization and stores that SFTH can reach out to for free advertising and public support, as well as composing press releases and materials that can be distributed throughout NYC. Utilizing personal contacts and networks to get our name out there is also very helpful.

Time required: Depending on how involved you would like to become with marketing and public relations duties your time commitment will vary from 1 to 15 hours per week. We ask, however, that you make a minimum commitment of 1 hour per week.

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